• (December) My first SoK paper on proper evaluation of black-box attacks to generate adversarial examples has been accepted to IEEE SaTML 2024. See you in Toronto!
  • (November) I am recognized as top reviewer at NeurIPS 2023 with complimentary registration!
  • (October) Officially started my job as an MC2 postdoctoral fellow at the Maryland Cybersecurity Center at the University of Maryland, College Park!
  • (September) Our paper on understanding the impact of data distributions on poisoning effectiveness is accepted at NeurIPS 2023. See you in New Orleans!
  • (August) I am serving on the program committee of IEEE S&P 2024!
  • (July) Successfully passed my PhD defense and I am officially Dr. Suya now!
  • (February) Our paper on manipulating transfer learning for property inference is accepted at CVPR. See you in Vancouver!
  • (February) Attended the first SaTML conference and it was great to meet old and new friends!


  • (November) I am recognized as top reviewer at NeurIPS 2022 with complimentary registration!
  • (October) Our paper on poisoning and subpopulation susceptibility received the best paper award at the VISxAI workshop 2022!
  • (September) Attended CTML student summit and presented my ongoing work on understanding the optimality of data poisoning attacks!
  • (April) Our paper on stealthy backdoors as model compression artifacts is accepted at IEEE TIFS!
  • (April) I am recognized as a highlighted reviewer for ICLR 2022!


  • (July) I presented our paper on model-targeted poisoning virtually at ICML 2021!
  • (May) I started my internship at Qualcomm AI Research!
  • (March) Our paper on model-targeted poisoning with provable convergence is accepted at ICML 2021!
  • (January) Passed my PhD dissertation proposal!
  • (January) I started my internship at Amazon AWS!


  • (August) I presented our paper on hybrid batch attacks remotely at Usenix Security 2020!
  • (June) I started my research internship at Bosch AI Center!
  • (June) Our paper on a scalable attack on GNN is accepted at ECML-PKDD 2020!


  • (September) Our paper on hybrid batch attacks is accepted at Usenix Security 2020!
  • (May) I passed my PhD Qualification Exam and am now a PhD candidate!


  • (May) Attended IEEE S&P 2018 and presented our poster on black-box batch attacks against ML classifiers!
  • (November) Our paper on demystifying hidden privacy settings is accepted at IEEE S&P!
  • (September) I passed my PhD Qualifying Exam Proposal!